To update your products one by one, all you’ll need to do is:

  1. Go to Products in the green bar
  2. Find the product you’d like to update in the list
  3. Click the quantity you’d like to update
    1. If you have only one warehouse, you’ll just click the quantity
    2. If you have multiple warehouses, you’ll want to expand the row and click the warehouse quantity you want to update
  4. Update the inventory level
  5. Click Save

You can also update inventory in bulk using our Data Import feature.

For accounts with only one warehouse

Click image to zoom in!

For accounts with multiple warehouses

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Editing inventory quantity

There are two ways to update your inventory in Ordoro.

  • Set Total – This replaces the total with whatever number is entered into the
  • +/- Units – This will increase or decrease the current total by the quantity entered into the field.

NOTE: You cannot update both fields at the same time. Only one or the other.

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