Bulk updating inventory quantities in Ordoro is very easy. We resort to a spreadsheet method to perform bulk data edits. In simple words, you can export your inventory data into a spreadsheet, make changes easily, and re-import that spreadsheet into Ordoro. When uploading be sure the file is in a CSV (comma separated value) format.

Follow the steps below:

1.  Export your current products from the Products tab. See this link on how to export your current Ordoro products into a csv file.

2.  Download the ‘Update Inventory’ example file from Settings -> Data Import

3.  Copy and paste the fields you’re interested in updating from the exported products csv into the sample csv file

4.  Update the example csv file and save it (i.e., quantities, warehouse location, etc.)

IMPORTANT: If you are not updating certain columns, please delete the columns out of the file, do not just leave them blank. If left blank, they will overwrite the existing data as blank.

5.  Upload the saved csv file into Ordoro

  • Note: Make sure you have ‘Update Inventory’ selected in the drop-down list before you upload the file.

For a video and more details, please see this article. It is important to note that whatever you enter in the spreadsheet will overwrite whatever is in Ordoro.  If you leave out a quantity, then the Physical On Hand quantity will be set to zero in Ordoro.  Additionally, the order of the columns is essential and must be followed precisely for the csv upload to be successful.

NOTE: We adopted this method, rather than creating a fancy UI for bulk editing, because the spreadsheet method is easy, and gets things done very quickly. Also, Excel has easy ways to update a large number of rows in one shot. It makes sense to allow our users to do their bulk data edits in Excel.


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