The new Product Detail page makes it easier to manage your products in Ordoro. This article will explain how to manage each function in the updated Product Detail page.

Editing Product Name

  • Select the pencil icon next to the Product Name.
  • A modal will pop-up where you can edit the name.
  • Click the orange Save button when complete.

Managing Warehouses

  • Like with the Product List page, you can update fields by selecting the field itself.
  • Selecting a field in the Warehouses tab displays a modal so you can update all editable fields per warehouse.
    • Location in Warehouse
    • Physical on Hand
    • Low Stock Threshold
  • There’s also a new feature to update multiple warehouses at one time.
  • Select the checkboxes next to the warehouses, then the column heading you’d like to update.
  • For example, in the screenshot below, two warehouses are selected and then Low Stock Threshold is clicked.
  • When the Low Stock Threshold is updated, it changes this value for all selected warehouses.

Managing Fulfillment Status and Suppliers

  • You can update your products Fulfillment status by assigning a product as a Dropship, or Automatic Dropshipped product.
  • You can add, or update a Default supplier from this modal.
  • You can also add new suppliers and update the PO Unit/Dropship Unit cost in the same modal.
  • You can update your Supplier information from the Suppliers tab.
  • You can assign a new supplier to the product.
  • You can update supplier information such as:
    • Assigning a Default Supplier
    • Updating Minimum Order Quantity required for POs
    • Updating the Dropship Unit Cost/PO Unit Cost.
    • Updating Supplier SKU
  • Just like with the Warehouses tab, you can also update fields in bulk.

Physical Info, Financial Info and Organization

  • You can edit each of these items by selecting the information next to the bold fields.
  • Total Units on Hand is not updatable (this is the sum the Physical on Hand stored in all of your warehouses.)
  • Total Inventory Value is also not updatable. This is calculated by the Weighted Avg Unit Cost multiplied by the Total Units On Hand.


  • There are all the same settings for Kitting in the new Product list page, compared with the legacy version. You can add and remove kits, as well as update the Quantity Needed for Kit.

Sales Channels

  • This shows you your Sales Channels associated with the SKU, and information about the product’s sync, including:
    • Last Import – Tells you what the inventory was in your Sales Channel the last time Ordoro imported that product
    • Status – Tells you if an order Needs Sync back to the Sales Channel, or has failed recently to sync.
    • Last Writeback – Tells the time this product last wrote back to this sales channel, and the quantity written back
  • You can update the Writeback status for this product per Sales Channel, and update the Max Export Quantity.
  • This will also tell you if your Amazon Products are FBA or FBM products in Ordoro.

Export Inventory Log

Archive Product

Apply Product Tags

Print Barcodes

Add Product to a PO

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