Note: If you want to sync only certain parts of your shopping carts on a one off basis, without changing your auto-sync, please see this article.

Ordoro can automatically import your latest orders, and automatically synchronize inventory levels, once an hour, across all your sales channels. The auto-sync feature is very easy to set up. Here is how it works.

1. Click on the blue Sync button on the top right of your screen.

2. The following window will pop-up. By default, all the order import checkboxes are turned on. Keep these selected if you want to import orders from the selected sales channels.

3. To have Ordoro write inventory quantities back to your  channels, turn on the “Write Inventory Back” checkbox for the relevant channels (Example 1). If you do not want to have your inventory written back to the shopping carts, keep “Write Inventory Back” unchecked (Example 2).

Note: We do not currently have a sandbox feature so when initally setting up Ordoro disabling “Write Inventory Back” feature is very useful for testing and becoming accustomed to work flow without changing inventory on your sales channel.

4. To save your selected settings, and to allow your selections to autosync, click “Update Autosync Setting”.

5. Once you do this, Ordoro will automatically do the following on an hourly basis.

  • Import orders from all the marked channels
  • Write back stock levels (inventory) to all the marked channels

6. If you select the Sync button, you’ll see the auto-sync icon next to the tasks you have set up to auto-sync. If you want to turn off auto-sync for any reason, simply uncheck the checkboxes for the tasks and click ‘Update AutoSync Settings”. This will remove the auto-sync icon and stop  any future auto-sync tasks for that sales channel.


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