Ordoro has the ability to route orders from non-Amazon channels (like Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.) to Amazon FBA for fulfillment! The routing can happen automatically or manually.

Amazon FBA workflow in Ordoro

Here’s what happens once you’ve dropshipped an order to Amazon FBA.

  1. Every 5 minutes, Ordoro will attempt to route your FBA orders to Amazon FBA.
  2. Amazon typically takes up to 24 hours to ship your orders.
  3. Once Amazon has shipped the order, Ordoro will automatically capture the tracking number from Amazon.
    1. It may take up to two hours for the tracking number to enter Ordoro’s system.
  4. Ordoro will automatically post the tracking number to the order in our system.
  5. Once the order is marked as shipped, Ordoro will notify your sales channel that the order has been shipped.
  6. Your sales channel will send an email to your customer with the tracking number

See below on how to set an order up for Amazon FBA shipping.

Automatically send orders via FBA Standard shipping

  1. Set up your products for FBA automatic dropshipping (see this article for more info).
  2. Once products are set up, all new orders created in Ordoro with the FBA products will automatically route to Amazon with Standard shipping.
  3. This follows the same logic as the regular dropshipping workflow.

Send orders via FBA Expedited / Priority shipping

  1. Select an order in Awaiting Fulfillment.
  2. Click the Dropship panel on the right hand side and select Amazon Cart (FBA) as the supplier.
  3. Select a FBA shipping method: Standard, Expedited, or Priority.
    1. See this help article for more details about the FBA shipping methods.
  4. Once you click Send to FBA, Ordoro will route the order to FBA with the selected shipping method.

If you have more questions about this workflow, please send us an email at info@ordoro.com.

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