Once you route an order to Amazon FBA (see how here) there may be issues that come up. See potential errors below and how to resolve them.

Inventory unavailable for order

This happens if Amazon doesn’t have enough stock to fulfill the order or the sku on the order isn’t in their system.

Ordoro will try to send orders to FBA every 5 minutes up to 26 times. If Amazon says there’s no inventory is available, we’ll add that to the Order Timeline. The Order Timeline will show the same error message multiple times if it fails repeatedly.

Once the routing fails 26 times, Ordoro will add a note in the Order Timeline. See below.

We’ll also tag the order as FBA ROUTING ERROR. This way, you’re able to filter by this tag to find orders with problems.

HOW TO FIX: To resolve this, you’ll want to re-route the order once you have stock at Amazon. See how to re-route the order here.

Or you’ll want to make sure the sku on the order is the correct Amazon FBA sku. See this help article for more details.

Cannot fetch tracking for an order

This may happen if Amazon FBA hasn’t shipped the order yet or we’re trying to fetch tracking for an order we couldn’t route.

Ordoro will attempt to fetch tracking every two hours up to 360 times before we stop. We’ll also add a note to the Order Timeline each time as well.

HOW TO FIX: In the unusual instance, if an order has routed to Amazon successfully but tracking was never received, please check the order status in Amazon. If the order is shipped, please let our Support team know the order number and when the item shipped. Contact us at support@ordoro.com.

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