Why it’s important that the SKUs are the same

When Ordoro routes your orders to Amazon FBA, your SKUs are essential. See below for the two options on how to ensure orders are successfully saved in Amazon FBA.

  1. You use the same SKUs across all sales channels.
    • For example, you sell an item in Shopify and Amazon FBA.
    • The SKU is ABC in both Shopify and Amazon FBA.
  2. Your Amazon FBA SKU does not match your non-Amazon SKU.
    1. For example, you sell an item in Shopify and Amazon FBA.
    2. The SKU is ABC in Shopify and XYZ in Amazon FBA.  

If you have scenario 2, you’ll need to update your Supplier SKU to match the Amazon FBA SKU so Ordoro can send orders to Amazon FBA. See the steps below.


  • If you don’t set a Supplier SKU, your dropship requests to Amazon will fail.
  • The order will be tagged as FBA Routing Error.
  • See this help article for more details about FBA routing failures.

How to set Amazon FBA Supplier SKU

  1. Find the item you’d like to update and click on it to go to the Product Detail page.
  2. Go to the Suppliers tab.
  3. Select Add Supplier Assignment and add your Amazon FBA Supplier.
  4. Update the Supplier SKU field to your Amazon FBA SKU.
  5. Once this is complete, Ordoro will route your Amazon FBA orders with this SKU.

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