Need to know the basics of vendor portals? See this help article!

When an order is passed from the Merchant account to the Supplier account, Ordoro only sends the required fields for shipping. This can be customized per account but the screenshots below show the default information.

Order information sent to Supplier

When the order is created in the Supplier account, by default, Ordoro will send:

  1. Ship To name
  2. Ship To company
  3. Ship To address
  4. Requested shipping method
  5. Products on the order
    1. Kits components are not sent to the Supplier.
    2. See this help article for more details.
  6. Additional details per line item

Ordoro can send the following fields but they must be enabled per account. Contact for assistance.

  1. Ship To email
  2. Bill To addresss
  3. Bill To email
  4. Bill To phone
  5. Customer notes
  6. Internal Notes
  7. Line total
  8. Line Discount
  9. Order Discount
  10. Tags
  11. Supplier SKU (see this help article for more info)
  12. Supplier Unit Cost (instead of Item Price – see this help article for more info)

Below lists the order information not sent at this time. We may add these fields in the future so please contact us if you’d like to be notified when they’re available.

  1. Time the order was placed in the Merchant account.
    1. The order time in the Supplier account will be when the order is created, not when it was placed on the website.
  2. Timeline comments
  3. Current status of the order in the Merchant account
  4. Rules or presets applied to the order in the Merchant account

Order in the Merchant account

See the original order in the screenshot below. Notice it has a tag applied, customer notes, etc. Click on the image to see an expanded view.

Order in the Supplier account

Here’s the same order in the Supplier account. It is shown with the default settings. Click on the image to see an expanded view.