You can learn about the vendor portal here.


To create a new vendor portal:

  • Create a supplier in your Ordoro account via your supplier settings
  • Email us at with the supplier’s name that you would like setup with a portal.
  • Your account manager will get back to you to discuss the setup.

Note: Any orders/shipments assigned to the supplier in Dropshipment Requested/Dropship status will route once the portal goes live. So if there are orders/shipments that have been fulfilled but not updated as such, you’ll want to update them in Ordoro so that products don’t mistakenly get shipped a second time.

To finish setting up the account, the vendor will need to follow the steps below:

  1.  Update card for paying for shipping labels in the billing section.
  2. Create a warehouse with their ship from information in the warehouse section.
  3. Create their free Ordoro USPS account in the shipper section.
    • They can also add other shipper accounts here that they use.

On initial sign in:

All orders that are currently assigned to the supplier in the merchant’s dropshipment requested filter will be moved to the supplier’s account. From there the supplier can enter tracking numbers for any orders they have already shipped, and they can create shipping labels for orders they have not shipped yet.

On an ongoing basis:

  • New orders assigned to the supplier in your dropshipment requested filter will be pushed to the supplier account on an hourly basis.
  • During the same hourly sync any  tracking information entered or created in the supplier’s account will be pushed back into the merchant’s account.
  • Once tracking info is in the merchant’s account, it will be pushed to the appropriate sales channel to notify the customer.

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