With Ordoro’s Vendor Portals, you have the option to send the Supplier Unit Cost for a product on an order sent to a Supplier Vendor Portal. This can be helpful if your supplier wants to use their own price for products.

With this setting enabled, Ordoro will send the Supplier Unit Cost in the Item Price field on an order sent to the Supplier account. See below for more details.

NOTE: If you’re also looking to send the Supplier SKU on Vendor Portal orders, see this support article.

SKU Set Up in the Merchant Account

In the Merchant account, a product fulfilled by the Vendor Portal Supplier has a Supplier Unit Cost of $15.00.

Order in the Merchant Account

The order in the Merchant account will show the Item Price as what the customer paid for the item in the Sales Channel.

Order in the Supplier Account

When the same order imports into the Supplier account, the Supplier Unit Cost of $15.00 will show as the product’s Item Price on the order.

What do I need to do to make this work?

  1. Contact us at support@ordoro.com and let us know which portal(s) you would like configured to send the Supplier cost for orders.
  2. In the Merchant account, set up the Supplier’s SKUs to have a Supplier Unit Cost. See this support article for more details.