Yes! The relationship between the Ordoro Warehouse and Shopify Locations can impact tracking and inventory writeback. It is important that this relation is set up properly in your Ordoro account to prevent errors and inventory discrepancies.

If your Shopify account has Locations enabled, then you must map a Warehouse for successful tracking writeback. For more information regarding setting up or updating Warehouse/Shopify Location mapping, please check out this support article.


  1. Tracking Writeback to Shopify
  2. Possible Errors and Fixes
  3. Inventory in Shopify
  4. Ordoro Inventory Sync

Tracking Writeback to Shopify

The Warehouse/Shopify Locations mapping will affect tracking writeback for all Ordoro accounts. Ideally, when the location is mapped to the corresponding warehouse in Ordoro, the tracking number will writeback without an error.

When an order is created in Shopify, it is assigned to your Shipping Origin location.

After the order imports into Ordoro, the Ship From location is assigned to the Default Warehouse, unless otherwise assigned by an Automation Rule. If needed, the warehouse can be updated by clicking the Ship From dropdown.

In this example, the Shopify Location is mapped to the Default Warehouse in the Ordoro Sales Channel Settings.

When a label is created, Ordoro will write the tracking number back to Shopify. In doing so, Ordoro will also update the order to the mapped Shopify location that corresponds to the Ordoro warehouse from which the order shipped.

Possible Errors and Fixes:

However, there are a few scenarios where an error can occur and tracking will not update in Shopify.
Please see below:

1. No mapping existing in Ordoro. Tracking will fail if the Ship From Warehouse is not mapped to a Shopify Location.
Fix: Update the mappings in the Shopify sales channel settings in your Ordoro account. See this support article on setting up Shopify Locations in Ordoro if needed.

2. Warehouse mapped to a location that is not associated with the product. Ordoro attempts to update the order location in Shopify but fails because a product is not assigned to the location in Shopify.
Fix: In your Shopify account, assign the location to the product.

Orders that encounter an error are tagged with a Failed Shipment Notification tag and a note will be included in the order timeline. Please see examples of both below:

Inventory in Shopify

Warehouse/Shopify Location mapping can impact the inventory in your Shopify account for all Ordoro accounts, even if you don’t use Ordoro for inventory.

If the warehouse you ship from in Ordoro isn’t mapped to the location the order is assigned to in Shopify, Ordoro will update the order in Shopify to the location mapped to the Ship From Warehouse in Ordoro. Remapping the location of the order will also reallocate the inventory for that order to the new location. Please see the example below:

NOTE: If an order contains multiple products that are assigned to different locations in Shopify, the order must be split in Ordoro and be assigned to the correct Ship From Warehouse.

1. Order is created in Shopify at the Lake Jackson location.

  • The Available inventory at this location is 48 after this order is created:

2. Lake Jackson is mapped to Warehouse C in Ordoro.

3. When the order imports into Ordoro, it is assigned to the Default Warehouse in Ordoro, which is Warehouse A.

4. Warehouse A is mapped to the Austin Office.

5. A Shipping Label is created with Warehouse A as the Ship From address in Ordoro.

6. The location for this order is updated in Shopify to the Austin Office, since this is the location mapped to Warehouse A.

  • The inventory for this order is transferred from Lake Jackson to the Austin Office in Shopify.
    • Lake Jackson increased from 48 to 49.
    • Austin Office decreased from 56 to 55.

Ordoro updates the location in Shopify to help maintain an accurate fulfillment history. Shopify reallocates the inventory after Ordoro updates the order location for the same reason.

The Ship From Warehouse can be easily be updated on the order level to prevent this behavior from happening.

Ordoro Inventory Sync

This section applies to premium accounts that use the Write Back Inventory feature.

Ordoro will overwrite the Shopify Location inventory with the corresponding Warehouse’s Available on Hand. A location must be mapped to a warehouse or else the Write Inventory Back sync will fail.

Even if you only have one Ordoro Warehouse or one Shopify Location enabled, this must be mapped or the inventory will not be updated. If you only have one Shopify Location but multiple Warehouses, map the same location to every warehouse.

You can deselect any Warehouse that you don’t want to be included in the Inventory Writeback.