When shipping many orders, it’s helpful to apply items in bulk. Whether that’s weights or shipping methods, Ordoro can help streamline your processes. See the bulk options below.

  1. Presets
  2. Shipping Configurations
  3. Ship From / Warehouse Addresses
  4. Weights
  5. Future Ship Dates
  6. Shipping Profiles

1. Under Orders, select the orders you would like to update. You can choose anywhere from two orders to 10, 50, or 100 orders to update at a time.

2. In the Shipping Label Modal, you will see Bulk Update Options.

3. Select one or multiple of the Bulk Update Options to update your orders. Read about these options below.

4. Be sure to select Update Orders to apply the changes to your orders.

5. When you’ve updated your orders, click Create Labels. From there, you will be able to View/Print your labels.

Bulk Update Options


Choose a Preset to apply to all selected orders. See this support article to learn more about presets.

Shipping Configuration

You can select the Carrier/Shipper, Package Type, and Insurance via Shipsurance. The Shipping Methods/Rates will also display.

Ship From

You can change the Ship From Warehouse in bulk for your orders. See this support article for more details.


This option will update all selected orders to the listed weight.

Ship Date

For USPS and FedEx orders, you can choose the orders’ Ship Date. See this support article for more details.

Shipping Profile

You can assign a Profile in bulk to your orders. Profiles will update the packing list information and the label image for the orders selected.

NOTE: The amount displayed is the Total for all packages included in the bulk label processing.

NOTE: When the grey wheel is spinning, this means Ordoro is updating these orders. Please wait until this is complete.

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