If you have multiple warehouses (ship-from locations), you can enter all of them in Ordoro under settings->warehouses. One of the warehouses will be marked as the default warehouse. When you process an order, the shipment that gets created will always go to the default warehouse.



If you are on Ordoro version 2

If you want to assign the shipment to a different warehouse, here is how to do it. Click on the shipment-id.


Find the “assigned-to” dropdown in the Shipments sub-tab. And choose the warehouse you want to assign this shipment to.


If you are on Ordoro version 3

1. Go to the Orders tab. Select the order by clicking on the checkbox to the left of it

2. In the shipping panel that shows on the right, click on the Ship From dropdown to choose the warehouse you will be shipping from

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.16.07 PM

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