When creating shipping labels, the Ship Date will default to the current day. However, if you’re creating labels in advance of when they will enter the mail stream, you should select a Future Ship Date.

By choosing an accurate Ship Date, your SCAN forms will include the correct packages. As well as keeping your Postmaster happy!

Each shipper has a maximum amount of days you can select a Future Ship Date for.

  • USPS: up to six days
  • FedEx: up to 10 days


  1. Select an order to open the Label panel
  2. Go to Additional Options
  3. Update the Ship Date


  1. Select an order to open the Label panel
  2. Go to Additional Options
  3. Update the Ship Date 


How to set a Future Ship Date in bulk

Once you’ve chosen an Advanced Ship Date, you can also create a preset and apply this to orders in bulk. See the screenshot below.

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