The Manufacturing Order (MO) records what needs to be made and what has been made. MOs work with our Bill of Materials. To learn what the Bill of Materials is, see this help article.

To start, you must have created a Bill of Materials (BOM) in Ordoro. If you need to create a BOM, see here for details on how to do this.


  1. How to create a Manufacturing Order
  2. How to share your Manufacturing Orders
  3. How to complete a Manufacturing Order

How to create a Manufacturing Order

Now that you’ve created your BOM with the recipe to manufacture finished goods, you’re ready to get cooking!

1. You can Initiate a Manufacturing order from the:

  • Manufacturing Tab:
    • Go to the Manufacturing tab -> click Initiate an MFG Order,

  • Your BOM Product’s Detail Page:
    • Select Initiate a MFG Order from the top of the Product Detail Page.

2. A pop-up modal will appear. You can update the following fields:

  1. MFG Order ID: This is pre-populated, but can be edited to a different value.
  2. Assigned Warehouse:
    1. This is the warehouse from which Ordoro will change inventory.
    2. When a MO is finished, the component inventory will be reduced, and the finished BOM inventory will increase.
  3. Notes for Manufacturer: This text appears on the MO sent to your Manufacturer.
  4. Internal Notes: This text will not appear on the MO sent to your Manufacturer.

3. In the Initiate an MFG Order modal, you’ll also add your finished BOM SKU.

  1. Select Add a Product and then search for your BOM SKU.
  2. Add the BOM SKU to the Manufacturing Order.
  3. List the quantity you are creating. This is the number of finished product(s) you will have once manufacturing is complete.

4. Select Create and View MFG Order.

5. The Manufacturing Order is now in the Initiated status.

Here is a sample of a created Manufacturing Order (MO). Click to expand the image.

6. Once the MO is created, Ordoro will display the quantity on the Product List and Detail page.

How to share your Manufacturing Orders

1. To send your MO over to your Manufacturing team, you can:

  1. Give the Manufacturing team access to Ordoro (and these Manufacturing orders).
  2. Export your Manufacturing Orders into a spreadsheet. Click here for instructions.
  3. Print/download the MO to give to the Manufacturing team.
    1. To do this, select Preview/Print on the Manufacturing Order Detail page.

2. This will open a new tab in your browser. Then, you can print or download the Manufacturing Order.

How to complete a Manufacturing Order

The final step is to convert the components into finished products. Once the Manufacturing team has created the items, you’ll need to mark the MO as finished.

1. Go to the Manufacturing tab and select the MO to update.

2. On the MO Details page, click the quantity under Finished and enter the completed amount.

3. When the finished quantity is saved on the MO, Ordoro will:

  • Reduce the Physical on Hand of the component products
  • Increase the Physicla on Hand quantity of the BOM product
  • These calculations are based on the BOM quantity needed and the quantity on the Manufacturing Order.

Below, see the inventory before the MO is updated.

  • Component 1 = 100
  • Component 2 = 100
  • Finished Good = 0

In the screenshot below, the MO has been updated with a Finished Qty. See how inventory is reduced from the components.

  • Component 1 = 60
    • The Finished Good required 4 of these.
    • 10 Finished Goods were created.
    • Therefore, Ordoro reduced the inventory by 40 (4 * 10)
  • Component 2 = 80
    • The Finished Good required 2 of these.
    • 10 Finished Goods were created.
    • Therefore, Ordoro reduced the inventory by 20 (2 * 10)
  • Finished Good = 10
    • The MO was updated with a quantity of 10 so this value increased.

4. Final step is to change the Manufacturing Order status to Finished.

  • Go to the MO Details page. Select Update Status -> Finished and then Save.