You can export your Manufacturing Orders to a CSV (comma-separated values) file from Ordoro, for use in the warehouse, or to analyze your manufacturing in a spreadsheet.


  1. How are the Order Summary and Detail reports different?
  2. How to export order data
  3. Order Summary / Detail column headers

How are the Order Summary and Detail reports different?

Order Summary

  • There is one row per Manufacturing Order.
  • Product line information is not included.
    • Examples: Component Quantity Needed, BOM Quantity Ordered, etc.

Order Detail

  • There is one row per component line on the Manufacturing Order.
    • Example: If your MO Finished Good is made up of three components there will be three rows in the CSV export.

See the comprehensive list of column headings in each report.

How to export Manufacturing Order data

1. Go to the Manufacturing tab -> select Export MFG Orders.

2. This will open the Export MFG Order Details modal. Choose from the options to customize the export:

  • Report Type: Click here for the difference between the Detail and Summary.
  • Date Range: Select the date range for which Manufacturing Orders you want to be exported. This will return all Manufacturing orders that were created between these dates.
  • Time Zone: Choose the appropriate time zone to ensure that the export accurately reflects it.

4. After entering your report parameters, click Export.

5. Once the report is complete, it is available in the Activity Menu -> Exports.

6. Click the CSV button. The file will automatically download to your computer.

Manufacturing Order Summary / Detail Column Headers


  • The Component Qty Needed represents the number of components needed to complete the entire Manufacturing Order.
  • The BOM Weighted Average Unit Cost is the Weighted Average Unit Cost of the BOM SKU, and not the components.

ColumnOrder SummaryOrder Detail
MFG Order ID
MFG Created Date
MFG Order Status
Number of Lines
Assigned Warehouse
Notes for Manufacturer
Internal Notes
BOM SKU Description
BOM Requested Qty
BOM Finished Qty
Component SKU
Component SKU Description
Component Qty Needed
Line Notes for Manufacturer
Line Internal Notes
BOM Category
BOM Weighted Average Unit Cost