A Bill of Materials (BOM) lists the raw goods needed to create a finished product. These materials may require manufacturing, combining, building, or repairing to make the finished good.

Ordoro’s Manufacturing workflow helps manage your inventory by creating BOMs and issuing Manufacturing Orders (MOs) to produce sellable items.

Additionally, you can create component products in Ordoro not sold on your site. These items can be added to the BOM for manufacturing purposes and not displayed to your customer.

BOM workflow in Ordoro

  1. Create a Bill of Materials (BOM) for a finished Good.
  2. Next, create a Manufacturing Order (MO) for the BOM.
  3. Once you build the BOM, record how many finished Goods were produced in the MO.
  4. The quantity of the finished Goods will increase, and quantity of the BOM components will decrease.

See the BOM and MO links above that outline the detailed workflow.

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