In a nutshell, while your sales channel may allow this (like Shopify), this is bad for inventory management. Ordoro can write inventory back to only one of the pages on your site, not both.


When Ordoro imports a product from a sales channel (like Shopify), we save unique backend information. This includes the product cart id for the product.

For example, the SKU may be ABC, but Shopify saves it as product id 8020058561. Ordoro will save both SKU ABC and 8020058561.

The product cart id is also specific per page. If the same SKU is on different pages, it will have different ids.

For example, if SKU ABC is on two pages, it may have product id 8020058561 on the first page and product id 3492639080550 on the second page.

In Ordoro, we save one product cart id per product. This means we’ll end up writing inventory back to only one page, not both.

How to re-use SKUs safely

If you create a new product page on your website AND re-use the SKU from another page, you’ll want to make sure you also delete/archive/remove the old page, so Ordoro doesn’t save the wrong product cart id.

Also, let our Support team know when you do this. We will run an admin task to fetch the new product cart id to save to our database. Otherwise, we may try to write inventory back to the old page.

NOTE: when we run the admin task, the product name in Ordoro will remain the same. Similarly, the inventory quantity, weight, dimensions, etc. will be untouched. The admin task will only overwrite the old product cart id with the new one.

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