You can connect Shopify to Ordoro in two ways:

If you don’t have an Ordoro account

1. Login to your Shopify store

2. Go to

3. Click on Add App

3. You’ll be redirected to your Shopify store. Click Authorize to add Ordoro.

4. This will take you to Ordoro. Deselect I already have an Ordoro account and follow the remaining steps to create your Ordoro account!


If you already have an Ordoro account

1. Click on your company name on the top right-hand corner and click Account Settings

2. Go to Sales Channels

3. Click on Add a Sales Channel 

4. Select Shopify from the drop-down menu

5. Enter a name for this cart, your store URL and click Add Sales Channel 

6. Click on the Authorize Ordoro to manage your Shopify orders and inventory link (You may be prompted to login to your Shopify store)

7. You’re good to go!



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