See the quick and easy steps below to connect Ordoro and your Shopify store!

Note: Before starting, log out of all Shopify stores to ensure you’re adding the correct one to Ordoro.

How to add Shopify to Ordoro

1. Click on your Company Name -> Account Settings.

2. Go to Sales Channels.

3. Click on Add a Sales Channel.

4. Select Shopify from the dropdown menu.

5. Enter a name for this cart, your store URL, and click Add Sales Channel.

6. This will redirect you to Shopify to log in.

7. Click on the link that says: Authorize Ordoro to manage your Shopify orders and inventory.

8. Once connected, Ordoro will automatically import orders and products.

9. Next, you must map your Ordoro warehouse(s) to your Shopify location(s). See the screenshot below.

This mapping tells Shopify two things:

  • When you ship from that warehouse in Ordoro, we’ll send the tracking with the corresponding Shopify Location.
  • When you sync inventory from Ordoro, your inventory quantities will be sent to the corresponding Shopify Location. (For Pro and Enterprise users only.)

Shopify Location notes:

  • Even if you have one warehouse and one location in Shopify, the Locations must be mapped in Ordoro. Otherwise, tracking and/or inventory will not update in Shopify.
  • For more details about Shopify Locations + Ordoro, see this support article.