Why do order not get marked in your sales channel?

There are several reasons on why an order may not have been marked as shipped in your sales channel/cart after it has been fulfilled in Ordoro:

  1. You used the the MARK AS SHIPPED function which will never trigger a shipment and/or tracking notification to the associated.
  2. The order has already been marked as shipped/fulfilled in your sales channel before a label has been created in Ordoro.
  3. You deleted and re-created the label in Ordoro after a shipment tracking notification has already been sent to your sales channel.
  4. The shipment notification failed due to some sort of connection issues ususally indicated by an error message.

NOTE: Some sales channels don’t allow to re-submit and/or overwrite an already saved shipment tracking confirmation.

What to do in those instances?

If a shipment notification did not get posted to your sales channel or failed due to any of the above reasons mentioned, we suggest to manually update the tracking information in the sales channel.

Please check the Order History or Timeline notes via the Order Detail page for more information regarding certain shipment notification issues and/or error messages. Feel free to email info@ordoro.com if you require information regarding a specific error.