If you expect to see a product / sku in Ordoro and it’s not displaying, please check the following.

  1. Did you try clicking the “Import Products” link on the Products page?
  2. Is the product in your Archived filter?
  3. When you search, are you searching for the correct sku number?
  4. Did you add a new variation to an existing product?

If the answer to #4 is yes, then please contact our Support Team to run an admin task to pull in your item. More details below!


Here’s how product import generally works. Some sales channels are handled differently then others.

  1. When orders are imported, Ordoro checks for any new products
  2. We will look at the last product created in Ordoro from that particular sales channel
  3. Then, when orders are imported, we will import all new products created AFTER that date
  4. For some sales channels, when you add a variation to an existing product, the cart saves its “created date” as the date the parent product was created, not the date the variation was saved

A real world example of this would be:

  1. On Sunday, you created a t-shirt product and added variations for red and blue
  2. On Wednesday, you added a yellow variation
  3. When we import products on Wednesday, the yellow variation would not get created in Ordoro
  4. The sales channel says the yellow variation was created on Sunday since it’s saving the parent product creation date, not the variation created date

In these cases, please let our Support Team know and we will be able to pull the variation products into Ordoro with an admin task.