Here are some quirks with the Volusion and Ordoro integration that you should be aware of when you connect the Volusion sales channel.

**NOTE** Ordoro integrates with the Legacy Volusion version at this time. If you are not sure which version of Volusion you are running, please reach out to the Volusion support team for verification.

Order import

  • Ordoro only imports orders in the PROCESSING status
  • The Requested Shipping Method name does not pass into Ordoro. The mapped ID stored in Volusion will display in Ordoro.
  • A suggestion to see the Requested Shipping Method name in Ordoro:
    • Create tags in the Ordoro account for each Shipping Method listed in the Volusion account.
    • Set up Automation Rules that will map the shipping method ID from Volusion and then tag the order with the Requested Shipping Method in Ordoro. Please reach out to our support team for assistance

Product Import

  • Upon first connection, Ordoro will import products from the Volusion cart.
  • After this first initial import, when a new product is entered into the Volusion cart, a product import must be run in the Ordoro account to import/connect the product.
  • Please follow these steps to run a product import in your Ordoro account:
    • Click on the Products tab in the green tab
    • Select the Import option
    • Select the checkbox next to the Volusion cart
    • Click on the orange GO! button
  • Dimensions: Do not import into Ordoro
  • Category: Does not import into Ordoro

Product Variations

  • In Volusion, when creating variations, they will show up in the Inventory Control Grid on the parent sku. When updating variation skus, it’s best to update them on the product page for each variation vs. in the Inventory Control Grid on the parent sku.

Tracking Writeback

  • The shipping method does not update to the Volusion cart
  • When an order is split in Ordoro, tracking will update the entire order in Volusion. However, Volusion will accept/record a second, third, etc. tracking number for the remaining products on the order.
  • For example:
    • Order imports with three products
    • Order is split in Ordoro, with two products on Order A and one product on Order B
    • A shipping label is created for Order B
    • Tracking information is updated to Volusion and the entire order will be marked as shipped, even though only one item has been shipped.
    • The remaining order, Order A, with the two products will remain in the Awaiting Fulfillment filter in Ordoro
    • When tracking information is entered for Order A, the tracking information will post to the order in Volusion

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