Below is helpful information to know when connecting Ordoro to Volusion. There are details about which order status is imported as well as other nuances.

Note: Ordoro integrates with Volusion’s v1 version (legacy). Please reach out to Volusion’s Support Team if you’re unsure which version you have.


  1. Order import
  2. Product import
  3. Product variations
  4. Tracking writeback

Order import

  • Ordoro imports orders in the Processing status. See this article for more information.
  • If orders do not import, you may need to reset the Volusion order export date.
  • You can import custom fields from Ordoro. This help article lists step-by-step instructions.
  • The Requested Shipping Method name is saved as a numeric value in Ordoro. The number is Volusion’s mapped ID saved to Ordoro.
    • How to solve this:
    • In Ordoro, create tags for each Shipping Method in Volusion.
    • Set up Automation Rules to map the Volusion’s Shipping Method ID to Ordoro’s Requested Shipping Method.
    • If you need assistance, please reach out to Ordoro Support.

Product import

  • Upon first connection, Ordoro will import products from the Volusion cart.
  • Be sure to enable the Product autosync to import newly created products after the initial import.
  • Ordoro is unable to import Volusion product dimensions and categories at this time.

Product variations

  • In Volusion, when a variation is created, they appear on the parent SKU’s Inventory Control Grid.
  • When updating variations in Volusion, it’s best to make the changes on the variation’s product page vs. the parent SKU’s Inventory Control Grid.

Tracking writeback

  • When an order is shipped in Ordoro, we will send back the tracking number. The shipping method is not sent.
  • For split orders in Ordoro, when part of the order is shipped, Volusion marks the whole order as shipped vs. partially shipped. However, Volusion will record a second, third, etc., tracking number for the remaining products on the order.
  • For example:
    • An order imports to Ordoro with three line items.
    • The order is split in Ordoro into two separate orders.
      • Order A: one product
      • Order B: two products
    • Order A is shipped.
      • Ordoro sends the tracking to Volusion, and Volusion marks the order as shipped, even though there are two remaining line items to ship.
    • Order B is shipped.
      • Ordoro sends the tracking to Volusion, and Volusion saves the second tracking number.