Did you oversell items on Amazon or find FBA items also listed as FBM items (Fulfilled by Merchant) in the Amazon marketplace? If so, you may have something known as ghost listings


  1. What is a ghost listing?
  2. How are ghost listings created?
  3. How can I prevent ghost listings?
  4. How do I close ghost listings?

What is a ghost listing?

1. Ghost listings occur when a seller lists an item as FBA, but a duplicate FBM product is mistakenly created.

2. Ghost listings are not visible in Amazon Seller Central.

3. These problematic listings are only visible when viewing the product directly on Amazon.com. See the example below.

How are ghost listings created?

  1. When Ordoro imports an Amazon product for the first time, we save its fulfillment channel information.
  • The fulfillment channel distinguishes whether the product is FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant).

2. Ordoro saves the fulfillment channel and displays corresponding icons on the Product List page. See the screenshot below.

3. Ghost listings are created when:

  • Ordoro has FBM fulfillment channel information for a SKU.
  • Then, the listing changes from FBM to FBA in Amazon Seller Central account, and Ordoro is NOT updated.
  • When Ordoro syncs inventory to the FBA listing, we send data as if it’s an FBM product, and a ghost listing is created.

NOTE: Ghost listings are not created if a sku changes from FBA to FBM in Amazon. In this case, Ordoro will skip writing back inventory to that SKU.

How can I prevent ghost listings?

Before updating Amazon listings from FBA to FBM or vice versa, do these changes in Ordoro first.

1. In Ordoro, disable Amazon inventory autosync before any changes are made. See how here.

2. See here for instructions on how to edit the fulfillment channel (FBA vs. FBM) in Ordoro.

3. After you updated Ordoro, then you can change the listings in your Amazon Seller Central account.

4. Once you modify Ordoro AND Amazon, then turn back on the Inventory Writeback.

How do I close ghost listings?

1. If you have found a ghost listing or suspect you have ghost listings, please contact support@ordoro.com.

2. Our team can audit your Amazon products to find potentially affected products.

3. We will send you instructions on how to remove the ghost listings from your Amazon Seller Central account. Ordoro cannot delete/remove ghost listings from Amazon.

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