Ordoro can write your inventory quantities back by Warehouse and Sales Channel. There’s the option to select which warehouse quantities you sync back to certain carts.

1. Click on your company name, and then select Account Settings.

2. Select Sales Channels from the left hand menu, and then select Edit, next to the Sales Channel you would like to edit.

3. Under Warehouse Inventory Sync Config, select Edit Syncing. Note: if you update a cart with Locations, you will need different instructions. Click here for Shopify Cart instructions, and click here for instructions for Square Cart instructions.

4. Select which warehouses you want your inventory to sync to your Sales Channels, and select Save. A Checked box tells Ordoro to sync inventory from that warehouse to your products in the Sales Channel. Un-checked warehouses will not sync inventory.

  • Once this has been set, Ordoro will:
    • Sum all inventory quantities across the mapped warehouses.
    • Write that quantity to that cart in the next hourly inventory sync.

Case Scenarios

  1. If you have an online store and a physical store (brick-and-mortar), you may want to “reserve” a certain portion of inventory for your physical store and display the rest on your e-commerce store. You can create two separate warehouses in Ordoro, one for each channel, and then map each warehouse to the corresponding channel.
  2. You have only one online store, but you don’t want to display all your inventory in that store.
  3. You want to keep a reserve inventory quantity for your best sellers and/or to avoid overselling. In that example, you can create a separate warehouse for the reserved quantity and uncheck the mapping between that warehouse and your sales channel.

Another feature that may be helpful is our Max/Min Export, Percentage, and Reserve Qtys per Sales Channel. This allows you to write back a portion of your total inventory quantity per SKU. See this help article for more details.