Ordoro supports updating supplier feeds in three different ways:

  1. CSV files via emails
  2. CSV files via FTP
  3. CSV files via HTTP

Before we begin setting up the supplier feeds, you will need to:

  1. Assign your products to your suppliers: https://support.ordoro.com/how-do-i-setup-product-to-be-dropshipped-in-bulk/
  2. Map your existing SKUs to your supplier SKUs: https://support.ordoro.com/where-do-i-edit-my-supplier-sku-for-dropshipped-products/.
  3. Get example files from your supplier for all feeds.

To set up the feed we will need:

  1. Your support pin
  2. The example csv files of the feeds
  3. Which of your suppliers under settings->supplier is this feed for
  4. For feeds via FTP/HTTP feeds: The URL/credentials of the feed.
  5. How frequently does your supplier update these files (i.e. daily, twice daily)?

Once this is done, we will:

  1. Create a new warehouse in your Ordoro account where these feeds show up
  2. In case of email feeds: send you a supplier-specific Ordoro email to send these files to

If you would like to setup the feed yourself, you can find the instructions to do so here.