How to create a purchase order

**NOTE** Before Creating a Purchase Order, please make sure Suppliers are assigned to your products. See our Support Article, HOW TO ASSIGN SUPPLIERS FOR RESTOCKING for details.

1. Go to the Products page and find the product(s) you’d like to add.

2. Click the checkbox next to the product and select Order More.

3. In the pop-up, you can select which supplier you’d like to reorder from in the dropdown menu. You can also enter the quantity to reorder and the Supplier Unit Cost.

How to add additional items to existing purchase order

There are three ways you can do this.

Option 1

1. Select the product to add it to the Order More Products modal.

2. Enter the product name or SKU in the search bar.

Option 2

1. Continue to search for items in the Products tab.

2. Click the checkboxes next to them and select Order More.

3. If a purchase order hasn’t been sent to the supplier yet, it will add the items to the existing PO.

Option 3

1. Go to the POs section in the green bar at the top of the page.

2. Select the PO ID to take you to the PO detail page.

3. Enter the name or SKU number of a product to add it to the PO.  Ordoro will autofill the rest of it so you can add products very easily.

How to send the PO to the supplier

There are two ways to do this.

Option 1

1. Once you’ve added all of the products you need, go to the POs section in the green bar.

2. Select the POs you’d like to send to the supplier and click Send PO.

3. This will email the purchase orders to your supplier and change the status of the PO from Unsent to Sent.

Option 2

1. Click the PO ID of the purchase order you’d like to send. This will take you to the PO Detail page.

2. On this page you can enter additional information before sending the PO. You can enter the requested Shipping Method for the supplier to use, you can enter an Estimated Delivery date, you can provide the Payment Method for how you will pay for the items, and you can provide additional Instructions.

3. To preview the email that you’ll send to your supplier, select the Preview/Print PO link.


 4. The preview will display exactly what the PO will look like when you email it to your supplier. When you’re ready to send, go back and click Send PO.

How to update the Estimated Delivery Date

1. Go to the POs tab and search for the PO you would like to update.

2. Select Add date below the Est Delivery field for the PO.

3. Enter the date you expect the delivery of this PO.

4. Click Save.

How to receive items from a PO and increase your inventory quantities

After you’ve sent the PO to your supplier and received the products, you can create a goods receipt.  The goods receipt will help close out the PO as well as update your inventory quantities.


1. To create a goods receipt, go back to the PO detail page and select the Goods Receipts tab and then select Create Goods Receipt.

2. To mark a product as received, enter the quantity received in the goods receipt modal.

  • If all product quantities ordered are entered in the goods receipt, then the PO status will change to Received.
  • If some of the product quantities ordered are entered in the goods receipt, then the PO status will change to Partial.

3. You can also add additional goods receipts if items are received at a later date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at  Thanks!

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