Upon importing Amazon Prime orders into Ordoro, they will be automatically labeled as ‘Amazon Prime’ for easy identification. These orders can only be shipped using the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) carrier, and no other shipping services are available.


  • If you have not accepted the Amazon Buy Shipping API Terms & Conditions in your Seller Central account, you will see an error when trying to create SFP labels.
    • For instructions, search Amazon’s Help section in Seller Central for ‘Merchant Fulfillment API‘.
  • You cannot use Amazon Prime Shipping for non-Prime Orders unless you’ve contacted support@ordoro.com.
  • To void SFP labels, delete the label in Ordoro. The order will remain in the Shipping filter in Amazon.


  1. How to create a shipping label for Amazon Prime orders
  2. How to create an Amazon SFP preset

How to create a shipping label for Amazon Prime orders

1. Select the checkbox next to the Amazon Prime order. The Shipping Label panel will appear on the right side of the screen

  • Note: Amazon Prime orders are auto-tagged with an Amazon Prime tag for easy filtering.

2. In the Shipping Label panel, select the carrier as Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

  • The only Shipping Methods/Rates shown will fulfill the order within the Prime shipping requirements.

3. Click the orange Create Label button when ready.

4. Once the label is generated, the tracking number is automatically saved in Amazon marking the order as shipped.

How to create an Amazon SFP preset

You can also create a preset for the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime carrier. See our support article on how to create shipping label presets for details.

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