Ordoro’s Unified Inventory functionality will help you keep your inventory in sync across multiple channels.  For example say that you are selling the same blue shirt on Amazon, eBay, and your own web store.  You have 10 blue shirts on hand, and sell one on eBay.  Ordoro will automatically updated your available quantity to 9 blue shirts on Amazon , eBay and your own web store.  This functionality allows you to list your items and multiple channels and avoid over selling helping you protect your seller ratings.

To take advantage of this feature you will need to:

1. Have matching SKU numbers across channels OR

2. Link products across your different channels using our Kitting function

To link your products, simply use our kitting functionality to create a 1:1 relationship between two different SKUs in Ordoro which are really the same product. See the information below on how to do this.

1. Find the two skus you want to link in Ordoro.  See the screenshot below.  This shows the same product, but with different skus.


2.  In the screenshot above, note that the quantities for the products are different.  These quantities are the ones that were listed in your cart when we imported your products.  When we link your products, we need to make sure the correct quantity is saved. In the screenshot above, the willowdvd has the correct quantity of 23 and the willow-dvd has the incorrect quantity of 1.

3. To fix this and link the products, copy the sku of the product that had the correct quantity.  Then, click the sku number of the product that has the incorrect quantity.


3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Add components’.  I’ll paste in the sku of the product with the correct quantity and choose this item.  Now this sku will match the quantity of the other one, which is 23.  I can also go back to the Products page and see this there.


 Doing these one-by-one will take a long time.  The other way you can do this is via a CSV upload.  See below on how to do this.

1.  Go to Settings -> Data Import -> Kits.  Download the example file.Create-Update Kits-example


2.  When you fill out the spreadsheet, the first column should be the product with the incorrect quantity.  The second column will be the product with the correct quantity.  And the last column should always say 1 since we want one sku to match the other sku.  Once you update the spreadsheet, save it and import it into Ordoro and you’re done!




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