1. Go to Your Company Name in the upper right hand corner

2. Select Data Import from the drop down menu

3. In the dropdown, select ‘Create Orders’


4. Download the Example File


5. Edit the example file or create a CSV file that matches the example template

6. Upload the file using the drag and drop feature or select file from your computer

  • Note: Always make sure you have the right type of data selected from the drop-down list before you upload the file.


7. Double-check your column titles in the black bar. If everything is correct, click Verify Columns.

  • You can delete any unused or blank columns
  • For certain imports, if you don’t want to update a certain column, i.e. product cost, don’t just leave it blank delete it out otherwise a blank column will reset the value to zero or the default
  • If you want to change the column mapping, you can change that in this screen


8. Once the data import begins, you will see the following screen. That screen will show the progress on order import


9. If your import was successful, you’ll see the following screen

  • Note: If there are errors the column or row will be highlighted in red. You can click the Start Over button if your CSV file format needs to be edited to match example file


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