There are multiple ways to create or update orders, products, tracking numbers, etc. in Ordoro. It’s intuitive to do these in the app.

Sometimes you need to create many orders or make bulk updates to products. Our Data Import feature allows you to upload CSV files to make these changes.

How to use Data Import

1. Go to Account Settings -> Data Import.

2. In the dropdown menu, select the type of data to import. Options below with more details in this support article.

  1. Archive Products
  2. Create Addresses
  3. Create Orders
  4. Create Products
  5. Create Purchase Orders
  6. Create Suppliers
  7. Create Tracking Numbers
  8. Create/Update Supplier SKUs
  9. Manage BOMs
  10. Manage Kits
  11. Manage Product Tags
  12. Remove Supplier SKUs
  13. Unarchive Products
  14. Update Inventory
  15. Update Product
  16. Update Product Fulfillment
  17. Update Product Image
  18. Update Product/Sales Channel Bridge

3. Download the example file for the data type. This will download a CSV file to your computer.

4. Open the example file and edit it to manage your bulk update.

5. Upload the file using the drag and drop feature or select the file from your computer.

6. Validate the CSV data is mapped correctly to upload to Ordoro. Click Verify Columns once ready.

  • If there’s a column you don’t want to import, set the mapping to the blank value.
    • In the screenshot below, see how Max Export Quantity is not mapped.
  • Update any column mapping, as needed.

7. Next, we’ll save the file. Before starting the import, you have two options.

  1. Pause on errors
    1. If selected, any bad data will stop the import and require you to review before continuing.
    2. If not selected, any bad data will be skipped to review at the end.
  2. Preview each entry
    1. If selected, you can preview each row from the spreadsheet. Then you can decide whether to save or delete the entry from the upload.
    2. If not selected, then all info will be uploaded as-is.

8. Once you start saving the data, especially if you click Save All, Ordoro will show how many entries have successfully uploaded and how many are left to go.

9. If all entries were saved successfully, you’ll see a green bar.

10. If there were errors, each entry will be shown with the error message.

  • You can fix each entry by updating the information or delete it.
  • If none of the data imported successfully, you may need to update your file or column mappings.

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