You can set an alternate return address when shipping with FedEx in Ordoro. This feature is helpful if you are shipping from one location but process returns at a different location.

This feature is also available with UPS. See this support article for more details.


  1. How to set an alternate return to address for an order
  2. Setting a preset for an alternate return address

How to set an alternate return to address for an order

1. Go to Orders and select the order you’d like to ship in Ordoro.

2. In the Shipping Label Panel, select FedEx as the Carrier. Select the checkbox Use Alternate Return Address and then select Edit.

3. In the Edit Address popup window, add the address or use the Address Shortcuts to select a Warehouse or Supplier address. Click Save.

4. In the Shipping Label Panel, you can see the return address set.

5. When the label is created, you will see the alternate return to address.

Setting an alternative return to address with a Preset

You can create a Preset to set the alternate return address. To learn more about Presets, see this support article.

1. Follow steps 1-3 from above to set the alternative return address.

2. In the shipping label panel, select Presets and then select Save current options as a preset.

3. In the Create Preset popup window, enable FedEx as the Carrier.

4. Toggle on the Alternate Return To Address. Be sure to name the preset and click Save.