Yes! The option to notify Shopify when tracking is deleted will occur in the following scenarios:

Note: The option to notify a sales channel if tracking has been deleted is only supported with Shopify at this time. 

Deleting the Shipping Label

If you delete the shipping label for a Shipped order, an option appears to notify the sales channel. This will change the status in Shopify from Fulfilled to Unfulfilled.

Mark as Awaiting Fulfillment

If a Shipped order is Marked as Awaiting Fulfillment, you will be given the option to notify Shopify of the deleted tracking.

Cancel the Order

If you cancel a Shipped order, you can delete its shipping label and tracking info, and then have the option to notify Shopify.

Deleting Tracking Info

If tracking info was manually entered for a Shopify order and then deleted, the option will be shown to notify Shopify.