If you would like unshipped orders to cancel in the portal account when canceled in your merchant account then we have you covered! However, this is not set as a default so you will need to contact us at support@ordoro.com to enable this setting.

How does the order cancellation work?

It’s all very simple! Once configured by our support team, the vendor portal order cancellation workflow is done by way of a scheduled task. The task will kick off at a predesignated time and will notify the vendor portal of any canceled orders. While not instant, the order would get canceled in as few as 10 minutes.

To note:

  • The order must be unshipped in the Ordoro merchant account.
  • Simply cancel the order per the instructions here.
  • In as few as 10 minutes, the order will be canceled in the supplier account.
  • At this time, Ordoro will not send a notification to the supplier, so it is recommended that you contact your supplier to alert them of the change.

For more information on vendor portals see this support article.