Yes! FedEx One Rate is supported for the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) shipper. These rates are available as long as FedEx One Rate is enabled in your Amazon account.


  1. FedEx One Rate shipping options are only available for eligible Amazon merchants. For more information, contact Amazon directly.
  2. See how to enable Amazon SFP shipping in Ordoro in this help article.
  3. Once the shipper is set up, see instructions on shipping SFP orders or Buy Shipping orders in this help article.

How do I use FedEx One Rate for Amazon orders?

1. In Ordoro, select the order to create a shipping label.

2. From the Carrier dropdown, select Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and Custom Packaging.

3. To access FedEx One Rate services, you must enter dimensions for your shipment that match the exact dimensions of one of the FedEx One Rate package options.

See below for the Amazon-provided list. We suggest creating a preset for each box size, so you don’t have to key in each time.

4. If FedEx One Rate shipping is applicable, they will appear in the Shipping Methods/Rates along with the ETA and the rate.