Yes. You can assign an aisle bin location to every product in Ordoro. If you have multiple warehouses, then you can specify the aisle bin within each warehouse. Here is how to set it up.

Note: If you’re on an Ordoro Express plan, then the only option for you to update the warehouse location is by using the Update Inventory Data Import feature. See this help article on how to do that.

1. From the Products tab, click on the SKU to update.

2. Click on the value below Location by the warehouse you would like to update.

3. In the Edit Product Warehouse Values modal, update the Location In Warehouse and click Save.

4. When printing the Packing & Pick List, select Sort by Location for easier picking.

  • There’s the option to sort by Location A -> Z or Z -> A.
  • Locations will sort non-alphanumeric values, then numeric values, and then alphabetically.
  • For example, if your locations were ABC, 123, and @@@ – they would get sorted in this order if A -> Z is selected.
    • @@@
    • 123
    • ABC
  • Also, the alphabetical sort is not case-sensitive. For example, ABC, Abc, and abc would all be grouped together but not listed in any particular order.

5. The location information will appear with the associated SKU.

You can also update the warehouse location in bulk via Ordoro’s Data Import feature (choose the Update Inventory-example.csv file).

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