Yes. You can attach an aisle bin location to every product in Ordoro. If you have multiple warehouses, then you can also specify the aisle bin within each warehouse. Here is how to set it up.

1. Go to the products tab and click on the product you want to set up the aisle bin for

select product

2. In the product detail page that opens up, scroll down to the section that says “Warehouse” -> click on “Add a location note” for the warehouse you want to specify aisle bin for and enter the location.

add aisle bin

3. That’s it. You are done. This aisle bin information is now attached to that product. It will appear in the pick lists and packing lists that you print for that product, which can be turned on/off on the top of the page under the “Packing list options”.

packing list


You can also update the warehouse location in bulk via Ordoro’s Data Import feature (choose the Update Inventory-example.csv file).

  • Note: If you’re on an Ordoro Basic plan, then the only option for you to update the warehouse location is by using the csv Data Import feature via the “Update Inventory-example.csv file”. See this help article on how to do that.

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