With Ordoro’s Scan/Verify Package Contents workflow you can use barcode scanners to match the picked items to the line-items on the order to minimize packing errors. This workflow by default gives users the option to “Force Verify” without scanning any products to the order and creating shipping labels.

Ordoro gives Admins the option to allow or disallow users to “Force Verify” the products on the order. Moreover, Admins can also restrict users from creating shipping labels for orders that have not been verified. In general, restricting these permissions will go hand-in-hand.

This is all managed via Ordoro’s user permissions.

How are Admins created in Ordoro?

When your Ordoro account was created the initial email address used was tied to an Admin user automatically. And as users are added only the Admin has the option to specify whether the user should be an Admin or not.

Refer to this help article for more information on how to create new users.

How do I disable Force Verify and label creation for unverified orders per user?

1- Click on you Company Name in the upper right-hand corner and from the dropdown click on Settings

2- To the left in the grey column under Account Settings, click on Users 

3- Click Edit to the right of the user you wish to modify permissions

4- Under Orders, deselect Allow force verification in pick/pack modal and Allow shipping label creation without Contents Verified tag

5- Then click on Save

Note: since the Scan/Verify Package Contents workflow applies a tag when orders are verified, you may consider restricting users from applying or removing tags. This is controlled with the Add and remove tags on orders option above.