No, your standard Ordoro account will not import partially refunded items from Shopify. This is by design, but you can have Ordoro import partially refunded orders and other statuses if you would like. Just contact and they can help you with allowing partially refunded orders to import into Ordoro.

There are setbacks to importing partially refunded orders from Shopify. When importing a partially refunded order from Shopify, you will notice that the refunded products will still be available on the order. This is because Shopify doesn’t remove those products from the order. See Below:

1 . Notice in this order that Dune DVD has had the quantity of 2 refunded to their customer.

2 . When the order imports into Ordoro, you’ll notice that Dune DVD still has the quantity 3 attached to the order. An unassuming user might ship out 3 items and only have received payment for 1.

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