You may see the following error display on your Dashboard or receive an email to reauthorize your eBay account:

Your auth token is invalid. Please re-authorize your eBay cart.

When you reauthorize your eBay cart, you may notice the authentication token hasn’t expired.

There could be a few different reasons the cart needs to be reauthorized, even though the date has not expired.

Refresh tokens can be revoked due to:

  1. Various merchant activities on eBay. For example, if a seller changes their eBay member log-in name or the password, eBay will automatically revoke any active refresh tokens.
  2. Sellers can revoke a token via their eBay account pages.
  3. Other actions such as an upgrade could also revoke the eBay token.

Regardless, you can reauthorize your eBay cart in the Sales Channel settings. Once the cart is refreshed, orders will start importing again.