When Ordoro makes an API call to Magento, sometimes you may see the following error in activity menu.

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=”http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/”><SOAP-ENV:Body><SOAP-ENV:Fault><faultcode>SOAP-ENV:Server</faultcode><faultstring>Procedure ‘login’ not present</faultstring>

This error can usually be fixed by making the following change on your Magento server.

  1. Login into your Magento Admin Panel
  2. Go to System -> Configuration -> Magento Core API ->  WS-I Compliance.
  3. Change the setting from Yes to No.

That should fix the “Procedure ‘login’ not present” error and allow Ordoro to connect to your Magento server correctly.

If you’re curious what WS-I Compliance is, see Magento’s help article about this setting or below.

Magento provides you with the ability to use two modes for SOAP API V2. These are with WS-I compliance mode enabled and WS-I compliance mode disabled. The first one was introduced to make the system flexible, namely, to increase compatibility with .NET and Java programming languages.

The WS-I compliant mode uses the same WSDL endpoint as SOAP API V2 does. The key difference is that XML namespaces are used in WS-I compliance mode.

NOTE: If you’re using ZOEY.com, go to Advanced -> API Configurations -> under Standard API click on ‘More Standard API Options’ -> Manage API Settings -> set WS-I Compliance to ‘NO’ -> click on SAVE CONFIG.


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