For Ordoro V2

The Ordoro warehouse feature allows you to manage your inventory and ship from different locations.

For example, your business may be located in Texas and have inventory at a different location in Texas and Hawaii.  The stock levels are different for each of these locations and you need to keep them in sync.

Also, if you will be shipping from each of the warehouses, each address must be entered in Ordoro to accurately calculate shipping rates.

View your Warehouses

  • Go to Settings by clicking on your Company Name -> Warehouses.
  • On how to set up a warehouse, visit this link.


Shipping from Warehouses

All orders are automatically assigned to your default warehouse if you have more than one.

  • To change the default warehouse, click Edit next to the Warehouse Name -> select the “Make this the default warehouse” checkbox.
  • You can only have one default warehouse at a time .
  • You can always change the ship-from warehouse on the Order Details -> Shipment tab -> Assigned to dropdown menu directly.
  • The warehouse address will be used to calculate the shipping rates from FedEx/UPS/USPS.

Inventory Management from Warehouse

When your inventory needs to be updated, the quantity written back to your cart is the “Total Available” quantity – the sum of Physical On Hand across all warehouses minus Total Committed. For example, for Krull DVD the quantity would be 14 (10+5-1).

For Ordoro v3

Viewing your warehouses and managing inventory works the same as with Ordoro V2- see above.

Shipping from Warehouses

On the Orders tab, click on the order and in the label panel select the desired warehouse from the Ship From drop down.


You have the option to assign a different warehouse other than the default warehouse upon order import via Ordoro’s Automation Rules. See this support article for more details.

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