See the quick and easy steps below to connect your Square cart to Ordoro!


  • Before starting, log out of all Square stores to ensure you add the correct one to Ordoro.
  • Ensure you map locations in Ordoro if you have this enabled in Square. See this help article for details.
  • To learn about Ordoro’s level of integration with Square, visit this support article.


  1. How to add Square to Ordoro
  2. How orders import from Square

How to add Square to Ordoro

1. Click on your Company Name -> Account Settings.

2. Go to Sales Channels.

3. Click on Add a Sales Channel.

4. Select Square from the dropdown menu -> click the Add Sales Channel button.

5. Ordoro will redirect you to Square. Once logged in, please authorize Ordoro to access your Square data to import products and orders.

6. After granting permission, you’ll be redirected to Ordoro, where you’ll find the Square cart displayed.

How orders import from Square

When orders import from Square, the Order ID will be the Square receipt number.

Also, POS orders are automatically tagged in Ordoro. See the screenshot below.