To connect your Square selling account to Ordoro, follow these steps:

1. Go to the right hand corner and click on your business name and click Account Settings.

2. Go to the left hand menu and select Sales Channels and click Add a Sales Channel.



3. Select Square from the dropdown menu.

4. Once Square is selected, click the orange Add Sales Channel button.


5. You will be directed to your Square to authorize Ordoro to use your Square data to import products and orders and to save inventory information. If you are not already logged in, you will need to sign in at this point.

Sign in:



Allow permissions:


6. Once you allow permissions, you will be directed back to your Ordoro account, and you will see your new cart there.



And you are good to go! Your orders will flow into Ordoro like orders from any other channel! The POS orders will be tagged with a POS tag, and the order ID will be the Receipt # (see image below).



To learn more about Ordoro’s level of integration with Square, visit this support article.

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