Ordoro uses SOAP XML API to connect to your Magento server. See this article to learn how to set up the connection between Ordoro and Magento.

It all depends on your hosting provider

If you are using any of the major shared hosts out there to host your Magento store (i.e. hostgator, bluehost, ipage, 1and1, godaddy, etc…) then speeds are notorious to be reaaaaaaaallllllly slooooow. Yes, your storefront will show up fine, but if you make an API call, then your server may not have enough power to handle that request. In shared hosting, many times the limits on cpu times in php are less than 45 seconds, with short timeout values of a minute, so a slow API will often time out, or use too much memory and be killed. And when a process gets killed, Magento will often throw an Error 500

Magento truly needs to run in at least a powerful VPS, or a fully dedicated server. Customers who really know how to set up Magento run everything in a VPS or managed dedicated server. If you want to get really nerdy about Magento API settings that cause slowness, see this Stackoverflow article

What does Error 500 mean?

Error 500 is a catch-all error on your Magento server that basically means your Magento server failed but it cannot tell us more details. Your Magento server should have generated some kind of an internal error log which gives more details of what went wrong. It is up to the operators of your server (in this case, your hosting company) to locate and analyse these logs. If they are Magento experts, they will be able to spot the root cause of this error and fix it.

Do we know of a good Magento hosting company?

Yes. We love the guys at Lexiconn Inc. We are not affiliated to them in any way. Nor do we get any referral fees from them. But we have worked with them on other hosting projects over the past few years, and they are one of the most knowledgeable hosting companies that we’ve ever dealt with. So give them a call if you want to work with a real Magento hosting company that knows what they are doing.

We’ve also had good experiences with Nexcess Magento hosting. They’ve been very responsive and helpful in configuring the server settings to work optimally with Ordoro.