Ordoro updates your sales channels with the quantities saved in our system. This helps multi-channel sellers keep their inventory in sync.

However, you may want to skip writing inventory back for a product or set of items. This is usually needed if someone else manages those numbers. For example, your supplier feeds their inventory directly to your site.

Below are how you disable inventory writeback per product.


  1. How to update individual products
  2. How to update multiple products

How to update individual products

1. Go to the Products tab -> find item -> click on the Product Name. This takes you to the Product Detail page.

2. Click on the Sales Channels tab. Find the cart to disable inventory writeback for this product.

3. Under the Writeback heading, click Enabled. This will open a pop-up modal.

3. In the modal, deselect the checkbox for Enable Inventory Writeback. Then, click Save.

4. Once saved, the Writeback status will display Disabled. Ordoro will no longer sync inventory to this sales channel.

  • To re-enable writeback later, select the Enable Inventory Writeback checkbox in the previous step.

How to update multiple products

1. Go to Account Settings -> Data Export.

2. In the dropdown for Type of data you want to import, select Update Product/Sales Channel Bridge.

3. Click Download an example file. This will download a CSV file to your computer.

4. In the file, you’ll update three columns.

  • SKU *Req: this is the product SKU number.
  • Sales Channel Name *Req: this is the sale channel name saved in Ordoro. The name must match exactly.
  • Writeback Inventory: To disable inventory writeback, set to FALSE here.

Leave the remaining columns blank or delete them from the document. Be sure to save!

Click the image below to expand the screenshot.

5. Once the file is ready, select it and upload to Ordoro.

6. Once saved successfully, the items will not write inventory back to the sales channel.

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