The inventory writeback feature allows you to write your inventory quantities back to sales channels on the product level.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to use this feature.

1. In the ‘Products’  tab of Ordoro, you will see a list of all your products. Select on the product you are trying to find or you can search for it using the SKU at the top right corner of the screen.


2. After selecting the SKU or product you are searching for, you will be directed into the product details page.

3. Select ‘Sales Channel Info’ tab under the product name.


4. Under ‘Sales Channel Info’, select on ‘Write Inventory back to sales channel’ box and uncheck the box.

Please note, for products linked to multiple sales channels, uncheck the box for the sales channel in where you don’t want the writeback.


5. Once the box is unselected, the inventory writeback feature will no longer report for that selected product under the assigned sales channel.


If down the line you would like to turn on ‘Write inventory back to sales channel’, you can follow these exact same steps to enable.

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