Use Ordoro’s optimized batch order processing feature to execute your entire workflow, from import to label creation, on a single page in vastly fewer clicks. You can select multiple orders with different dimensions and shipping methods, and create labels for each in a couple of clicks.

How to get started:

1. Go to the Orders -> Awaiting Fulfillment filter



2. Select all the orders for which you wish to create labels that use the same shipping parameters.  The Label Panel will indicate how many orders have been selected.

3. In the Label Panel, you can apply Presets, Shipping Configurations, Weight, and Dimensions by clicking on the relevant checkbox to modify those values. Once done, click on the orange Update Orders button which will update the orders you have selected with the selected parameters and recalculate the shipping cost for the entire batch.

  • You can modify different batches of orders using different shipping parameters and then select them all at once later to create and print labels.
  • Just remember, the moment you refresh your browser, any bulk shipping parameters set will be cleared and you will need to start from scratch.


Note: The amount displayed is the Total of for all packages included in the bulk label processing.

4. Click on the orange Create Labels button. 

5. Once labels are generated, select your printing options – Thermal Printer, Desktop or Custom any additional document options you would like to print – and click on the orange PRINT button. 

6. The labels will open in multi-page pdf in your browser. 


7.  Print the pdf from your browser.

  • File->Print or CMD-P on Mac
  • File->Print or CNTRL-P on Windows IE
  • CNTRL-P or the little print icon on the top right in Google Chrome

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