Looking for an efficient way to streamline your e-commerce order processing? Ordoro’s optimized batch order processing feature can help.

With this powerful tool, you can easily execute your entire workflow – from importing orders to creating labels – on a single page, with just a few clicks. Whether you’re shipping orders with different dimensions or using multiple shipping methods, you can create labels for all of them in just a couple of clicks.

How to create multiple shipping labels at once

1. Choose orders with similar shipping parameters for label creation.

  • The panel will display the number of selected orders.

2. In the Shipping Label panel, apply Presets, Shipping Configurations, Ship From, Weight, Dimensions, and Ship Date by clicking on the relevant checkbox to modify those values.

3. Click the orange Update Orders button, which will update the selected orders and recalculate the shipping cost for the entire batch.

  • You can modify different batches of orders using different shipping parameters and then select them later to create and print labels.
  • Keep in mind, any bulk shipping parameters will be cleared if you refresh your browser, so be sure to save your progress.

Note: The amount displayed is the Total of for all packages included in the bulk label processing.

4. Click on the orange Create Labels button. 

5. Once labels are generated, select your printing options – Thermal Printer, Desktop or Custom any additional document options you would like to print – and click on the orange View/Print button.

6. The labels will open in a multi-page pdf in your browser. 

7.  Print the pdf from your browser.