Are you seeking a more efficient way to manage your e-commerce order processing? Ordoro’s batch order processing feature is designed to simplify this task. This guide will walk you through the steps to update and create multiple shipping labels in batch, ensuring a streamlined workflow for your shipping needs.

How to create multiple shipping labels at once

1. Begin by choosing orders that share similar shipping parameters. The number of selected orders will be displayed on the panel.

2. Go to the Shipping Label panel. Here, you can apply various settings such as Presets, Shipping Configurations, Ship From, Weight, Dimensions, and Ship Date. Modify these values by clicking the relevant checkboxes.

3. Click the orange Update Orders button. This action updates the selected orders and recalculates the shipping cost for the entire batch.

  • You can modify different batches of orders using different shipping parameters and then select them later to create and print labels.
  • Keep in mind, bulk shipping parameters will be cleared if you refresh your browser, so be sure to save your progress.

Note: The amount displayed is the Total of for all packages included in the bulk label processing.

4. Click on the orange Create Labels button. 

5. Once labels are generated, choose your printing preferences (Thermal Printer, Desktop, or Custom) and any additional document options you wish to print. Click the orange View/Print button to proceed.

6. The labels will open in a multi-page PDF format in your browser. Print the PDF directly from your browser.