The final piece of the product puzzle is how quantities get updated in Ordoro and your shopping carts.

When an order is imported into Ordoro, we look at all of the products in the order and update our ‘Total Committed’ (TC) column on the Products page.

TIP: For an overview of our inventory terminology and how each is defined in more detail, see this support article.


For example, there is an order for one Dune DVD.  When viewing this on the Products page, the total ‘Physical On Hand’ (POH) quantity (sum of all your warehouses) is 10 and the ‘Total Committed’ (TC) quantity is 1. When Ordoro updates the ‘Total Available’ (TA) inventory quantities to your cart, we will send the total ‘Physical On Hand’ quantity minus the ‘To Be Shipped’ quantity, which in this case is 9.

Total Physical On Hand QTY -Total Committed QTY = Total Available On Hand QTY 

Total POH 10 – TC 1 = TA 9


We don’t automatically change the inventory count because the total ‘Physical On Hand’ quantity reflects the actual amount you have in your warehouses.  If we deduct it immediately, it can cause confusion.  For example, for this order, if Ordoro had automatically changed the quantity to 9, you would still see 10 Dune DVDs on your shelf and question what’s happened.

The total ‘Physical On Hand’ quantity will actually change to 9 and the ‘Total Committed’ will return to zero once a shipping label has been created for this order, a tracking number has been manually entered, or the order has been marked as shipped.  To Ordoro, this means that the product has been sent out and it is safe to change the ‘Physical On Hand’ quantity now.

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