To set up your Pitney Merchant account, you’ll first need an account set up with Pitney Bowes. Please contact Pitney Bowes for more information. If you already have your Pitney Merchant account created, you can add your Pitney Merchant account easily in Ordoro. See the steps below:

1. Contact to let our support team know that you are connecting a Pitney Merchant account so that they can turn this feature on for your account.

2. Once confirmed with our support team, click on your business’ name in the upper right corner and select Account Settings.

3. Select Shippers/Carriers from the left-hand menu. Select Add a shipper, and select USPS.

4. Enter your account’s Username and Password and select Authorize.

Your Pitney Merchant account will be authorized and you will be able to use this USPS account to create labels in Ordoro. If you have any issues after authorizing, please contact for help.

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