When you are creating purchase orders in Ordoro, sometimes you may want to set minimum purchase quantities per supplier for a given product. You may want to do this for different reasons –

  • The supplier may require you to purchase a minimum amount of that product (e.g. – cannot purchase less than 12 units at a time)
  • Or the supplier may have offered you a discount if you purchase at least a certain amount each time

Here is how you can set the minimum order quantity for a sku per supplier

  • Click on the sku and go to the product detail page
  • Click on the Resupply Options tab in that page
  • If you haven’t already assigned a supplier, then click on the Assign a Supplier dropdown to choose which supplier you usually purchase that product from
  • Edit the Min Order Quantity field to specify the minimum order quantity for that sku for that supplier

Next time you try to create a purchase order for that sku, you will see that the minimum order quantity will show up as the default value in the quantity field in the PO creation screen

To create a purchase order from the Products tab, select the box next to the product name. After selecting the check box, the “Order More” button will appear.

The default supplier will display but you can select a different supplier if desired.

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