When connecting WooCommerce to Ordoro, we need your WooCommerce Consumer Key and Secret. We’ll also need to confirm a few other settings.

See below for the simple steps to gather this information.


  1. Getting connection keys from WooCommerce
  2. Entering WooCommerce keys in Ordoro

Getting connection keys from WooCommerce

There are multiple settings to check in WooCommerce so we can connect to Ordoro.

  1. WooCommerce version
  2. Permalinks settings
  3. Generate Consumer Key and Secret

Checking WooCommerce version

1. Log in to your WordPress site. For example, yourstore.com/wp-admin.

2. Verify which WooCommerce version you’re on.

  • WooCommerce API only works for version 2.2.0 or above.
  • WooCommerce OAuth is only available for version 2.8 or above.

To view your version, go to WooCommerce -> Status.

The version is shown as WooCommerce Version.

1. Go to WordPress -> Settings -> Permalinks.

2. Check that Permalinks are NOT set to Plain. You can select any other version.

Generate Consumer Key and Secret

1a. If running WooCommerce versions 3.5-8.9, then:

  • Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> API tab.
  • Select Enable the REST API option is chosen.

1b. If running WooCommerce 9.0 or greater, then:

  • Follow the instructions in this link (click here) to download install the the woocommerce-legacy-rest-api-1.0 plugin.
  • Then complete steps 1b above.

2. Next, select REST API -> Add key.

3. Another page will load. Update or enter the following information.

  1. Description = ordoro
  2. Permissions = Read/Write
  3. Click Generate API key to save.

4. WooCommerce will generate a Consumer Key and Secret. Copy and save these values. We’ll enter them into Ordoro next.

Entering WooCommerce keys in Ordoro

1. Click on your Company Name -> Account Settings.

2. Navigate to the Sales Channels Settings on the left side of the page.

  • Select Add a sales channel
  • Choose WooCommerce from the dropdown options.
  • Click Add Sales Channel.

3. Enter three items then click Add Sales Channel to save.

  • Site URL
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret

4. Once you create the cart, Ordoro will automatically import your orders and products.

  • Order import is automatically enabled and runs hourly.
  • Inventory writeback and product import can be turned on via the Ordoro Sync Settings.
  • Please see this support article for more info on these settings.