Login into your WordPress Admin screen (Go to yourstore.com/wp-admin)

1. Check which version of WooCommerce you’re running. Go to WooCommerce -> System Status.


Then view which version you’re on.


WooCommerce API works only for WooCommerce version 2.2.0 or above. If you want to use OAuth, then you need to be on WordPress version 2.8 or above.

2. Next, check if permalinks are enabled for your account. Go to WordPress -> Settings -> Permalinks.


Ensure that you have selected a Permalinks option other than Default


3. Go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced in the WordPress admin area, and select Legacy API, and then make sure the “Enable the REST API” option is checked.

This screenshot shows where to find this option if running older version of WooCommerce:


This screenshot shows where to find this setting in later versions of WooCommerce. Go to the WooCommerce -> Settings ->API tab.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.45.35 AM

In version 3.5 you’ll need to enable the Legacy REST API. Go to theWooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced tab -> Legacy API sub-tab.

4. In order to connect to your WooCommerce store, Ordoro requires the API keys (credentials). Here is how you can create a WooCommerce API keys. On the left navigation bar, click on Users -> All Users.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.41.15 PM

5. In the user page that comes up, click on “Administrator” then click Edit next to a username.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.42.33 PM

5a. In newer versions of WooCommerce, you will find this option in Settings –> API tab –> Keys/Apps


6. Scroll to the bottom of the page that opens up. You will see your API keys there. If you don’t see the keys, click on “Generate Key”. The page will refresh and you’ll see them appear at the bottom.

api keys

6a. In newer versions of WooCommerce, if you do not see the keys click on the “Add Key”option and fill in a Username and set Permissions to “Read/Write”. Then click on “Generate Keys”.

7. The final step is to copy and paste your store URL, consumer key, and consumer secret to Ordoro. Once you click Create Sales Channel, you’ll be good to go!


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