By default Ordoro only imports orders from WooCommerce with the following statuses:

  • Processing

But let’s say you want to ship only part of an order or before it has been paid in full, what then? No worries, we won’t stand in your way. Just let us know which additional order statuses you would like to add to the list of orders imported into Ordoro. Just choose from the following list and shoot us an email, and we will be right on it:

  • Failed – Payment failed or was declined (unpaid)
  • Processing – Payment received and stock has been reduced- the order is awaiting fulfilment
  • Completed – Order fulfilled and complete – requires no further action
  • On-Hold – Awaiting payment – stock is reduced, but you need to confirm payment
  • Cancelled – Cancelled by an admin or the customer – no further action required
  • Refunded – Refunded by an admin – no further action required

For more information on WooCommerce order statuses, check out this WooCommerce Support page.