Yes! Ordoro offers dimensional weight rates through our UPS®: Discounted Rates accounts. These rates benefit you most when you pack small. Think the smaller and heavier the package, the more you save!

What is dimensional weight?

A “weight equivalent” for your goods is calculated using the actual weight and the volume of your shipment. The method used to calculate volumetric weight varies by mode of transportation or trade lane.
Carriers use dimensional weight (also called DIM weight) to help manage the balance between size and weight, which is necessary to consider when filling shipping containers.
The cost of a shipment is determined based on the actual weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater.

Ready to get started?

If savings of up to 77% off UPS® Ground sounds good to you, then look no further than UPS® on Ordoro!

Here is an example of saving $10.71 with dimensional weight rates:
NOTE: DIM rates are most accurate when package dimensions and weights are entered in Ordoro.

Already have a UPS®: Discounted Rates account? These rates are automatically applied to your account!

Not a UPS customer? Go to your Shipping/Carrier settings in Ordoro, click “Add Shipper,” select UPS from the dropdown, select “New Account,” follow the prompts, and your new UPS account with discounted rates is ready to go. Or you can follow the instructions here.

Not an Ordoro customer? Once you signup for a 15-Day Free Trial with Ordoro, use the steps above to set up your UPS account, then connect your sales channel, ship-from address/warehouse location, and start shipping.