Yes. Every order imported or created in Ordoro runs through USPS’s address validation system to detect:

  1. If the ship-to address is valid.
  2. Whether the address is considered residential or commercial.

If the address is residential or commercial determines which delivery services are available. For example, FedEx will show the option for Home Delivery, rather than Ground, for shipments going to residential addresses.

Additionally, for carriers like FedEx and UPS, you may see different rates for residential shipments. These typically have more delivery exceptions and require additional delivery attempts, etc.

  • If the address is residential, then Residential Address is selected automatically for FedEx and UPS.

    • If the address is commercial, then Residential Address is not selected for FedEx and UPS.

    Do I have the option to toggle the Residential Address?

    Yes, the Residential Address can be selected or deselected on the fly.

    • Ordoro automatically detects and selects (or not) the option to save you time.
    • You can toggle this setting, but UPS and FedEx may change the service in transit and charge accordingly if they detect that the address is residential, or vice versa.